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Structural fire protection can be a complex area of the construction process and Permax offers a range of specialised products utilizing leading edge technologies to provide compliant fire protection solutions for steel, timber and concrete.

The team at Permax takes pride in delivering an exemplary level of service to existing customers, industry professionals, builders and contractors alike.

Product Advice

Product Advice

Product Advice

Fire safety relies on selecting the correct product for the specific fire protection. It is critical in achieving cost effective and compliant solutions.

Our experienced team here at Permax will be able to advise you as to what intumescent product system can be used for your project and how it will work in the particular construction scenario you have.

Whether it is steel, timber or concrete fire protection you need, we can help.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

Permax has a Engineering team dedicated to providing valuable advice with regards fire performance parameters on your project.

From information on what different intumescent coating systems can provide to achieve the designated fire rating level (FRL) for your project, to sale of products themselves we can help.

Ask our team how they can help interpret structural drawings and communicate effectively with Architects, Engineers, Builders and Contractors alike with regards to structural fire protection requirements.

Who is Permax

PERMAX is a specialist division comprised of a group of experienced Business Development personnel, supported by a team of Engineers developing specifications and providing technical advice in regards to intumescent fire protection systems. The division supplies the Australian market with a range of products utilizing leading edge technologies from globally recognized manufacturers to provide effective and compliant solutions in regards to structural fire protection for steel, timber and concrete.

Focused Product Range

Our specialised product range is selected to provide cost effective, versatile and dependable structural fire protection solutions for steel, timber and concrete substrates subject to cellulosic fire exposure.

Dedicated Technical Services

Technical support is available at all stages of the project from concept/early design through to construction, including direct liaison by our Engineers with Architects, Engineers, Builders and Certifiers as required.

Compliant Systems

All our products are assessed by an Australian recognized Registered Testing Authority (RTA) for compliance to the relevant Australian Standard and our Engineering team are regularly involved in project specific fire testing with various RTA’s to continually add to our verified supporting documentation library.

Project Specific Specifications

The Permax team will liaise directly with Architects and Engineers to ensure that project specifications are compiled to correctly address the performance requirements for the protected elements designated in the project design documentation.


Learn more about Permax and our download one of our technical resources.

Disclaimer: Permax is a supplier of various fire protection products that are manufactured in global locations. The Permax advisory notes are developed to assist the professions in the Australian construction industry with their passive fire protection design. If you are unsure about the content of the documents or if you have any project specific enquiries, please contact the Permax Technical Team for further assistance.

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You are about to download a file from the Permax site. Please note All technical advisory notes generated by Permax are based on research papers, indicative fire tests and any other existing evidence. These documents should not be used as an official evidence as design engineers should review the information and determine the reliability of the documents.

Permax constantly update the documentations based on the new fire testing outcomes and change of standards and regulations. To ensure the documents you read are up-to-date, please contact the Permax technical team.