Brisbane International Airport - Air New Zealand Lounge

In October 2015, The Hon. Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development opened the $45 million upgrade works to the Brisbane International Airport. Following consultation with the Engineers, Enstruct, and the Builder, SMI, in relation to the structural steel fire protection required for these significant upgrade works, the Nullifire SC902 intumescent basecoat system was selected as the thin film intumescent of choice for the construction works for the brand new Air New Zealand lounge.

On-Site Application

Early in the development stages of the project a solution was required for the structural steel fire protection elements which needed to meet a number of performance criteria for the construction phase within the Air New Zealand lounge:

  • Can be applied on-site
  • Provides rapid application and curing rates required to meet the very tight construction time lines
  • Has a Low VOC formulation to provide for a safer working environment for other trades
  • Can meet a 2 hour FRL
  • Is compatible with a range of top coats
  • Is cost effective

Having satisfied the builders that SC902 met all the criteria and in fact would allow other trades to work with the columns and beams after just 24 hours. This ‘fast track’ solution allowed installation to be carried out as night which was only possible due to the highly productive application process. The works were completed within the designated time frame and budget. The lounge is an exceptional space for international travellers to relax before their flight.

Product Used:

Nullifire SC902

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