Country Bank Stadium

Australia famously bid for the rights to host the 2022 Fifa World cup, losing to Qatar. Whilst the loss of the tournament was a blow to all Australian’s, the Townsville region has benefited, as the Queensland Government decided to forge ahead with the development of the North Queensland Stadium as part of the bid to host.

Known commercially as Country Bank Stadium, the facility was built within the CBD, making access to the ground easy, but as much as anything, ensuring that the ground would be one which was pleasing to the eye. Completed in early February 2020, the ground has a capacity of 25,000 patrons and is capable of hosting soccer and rugby fixtures.

The site builders, Watpac ensured Aboriginal participation in the project equating to over 11.5%, marking a significant milestone for the region on a project of this magnitude. We worked with Watpac to devise an off-site application solution which allowed construction to progress as optimally as possible. Whilst there was some (unavoidable) damage to the largest sections of steel in-transit, the nature of SC902 meant we could apply repairs on site with minimal impact on project schedules.


Townsville, Queensland


Cox Architecture


Arup, Brisbane Qld

Builder Name:

Watpac, Brisbane Qld

Applicator Name:

Waters Abrasive Blasting, Townsville Qld

Product Used:

Nullifire SC902

Date of Completion:

Feb 2020

Area Fire Rated:


Value of Project:


Volume of Products Used:


Reasons Product/s Were Used:

  • All product could be applied off-site
  • Cost effective Solution
  • With the large quantity of heavy steel sections used, some damages were unavoidable during erection, but any repairs required were carried out easily and quickly with Nullifire SC902

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