Townsville Hospital – Cancer Centre

Queensland is known for its tropical weather, it’s what makes it such a great holiday destination. Sadly, however, it is also a factor that can play havoc with construction. When it came to the application of a fire-rated product for the under-construction Townsville Hospital, North Queensland’s tropical weather conditions dictated that Nullifire SC902 would be the only intumescent coating capable of withstanding significant rain events without adverse impact on performance.

With early water resistance within one hour of application, tolerant of humidity of 85%+ and 8 hour cure times, the choice was simple.
With torrential rains caused from Cyclone Ita & Cyclone Marcia in 2014 the client was extremely impressed with the early water resistance capabilities of Nullifire SC902. The client had previously experienced the failure of other sprayed fire protection such as vermiculite, when it had been subjected to water leaking through floor decks and perimeter steel exposed to rain. This had caused lengthy delays in the building program, but these problems were no longer an issue when using Nullifire SC902. But most excitingly, this was the first project in Australia to use Nullifire SC902.

The application of the intumescent coating system to achieve a 120 min FRL was a seamless process with minimal disruption from prevailing weather conditions.

Only Nullifire SC902 will remain and not wash off in rainy weather events. Nullifire SC902 1 v Cyclone Ita & Cyclone Marcia 0.

To date, other health projects include.

  • PA Hospital Brisbane
  • Royal Brisbane Hospital
  • Campbelltown Hospital Sydney
  • Lake Macquarie Private Hospital
  • Logan Hospital
  • QIMR Hospital Brisbane
  • Harvey Bay Oral & Cancer Centre

Product Used:

Nullifire SC902

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