Importance of Earning CPD Points in Fire Rating

30thMarch 2021
Importance of Earning CPD Points in Fire Rating

Continuing professional development also referred to as CPD is a requirement for professionals to maintain an up-to-date knowledge in their chosen profession. In short, it is the process of broadening your skills, knowledge, and experience and to develop the relevant competencies required. The goal of CPD is to keep a professional up-to-date with regulatory framework and the ever-changing industry standards.
In construction specifically, this means further education across methodolgies, practices and legalities.
Activities under CPD include short courses, seminars and conferences, practical learning activities, voluntary service, study of journals, and other formal and informal trainings that may or may not have assessments at the end. You have to remember to keep up-to-date documentation of all your development as a fire safety specialist if you want to become a member of a professional body or organisation.

Why Earn CPD Units in Passive Fire Protection

Aside from the reasons above, you should consider earning CPD points in fire rating in order to:

  • maintain your technical competence in passive fire protection systems especially given the influx of new and more technologically equipped professionals;
  • boost your effectiveness as a fire rating authority not only in your workplace but in the community as well;
  • keep up with the changes in the regulatory requirements and the requisites in your career; and
  • become a thought leader in the fire safety industry in Australia.

Where to Get CPD Education?

In Australia, there are plenty of associations and educational institutions that offer refreshers on the basics of passive fire protection as well as offering training courses on new fire safety standards. The Fire Protection Association Australia, for instance, offers a variety of accreditation trainings and courses that you can take advantage of.
Here at Permax, we also offer up-to-date CPD sessions on intumescent coatings and the latest technological advancements associated with passive fire protection. If you are interested in finding out more, speak with one of our specialists or you can also visit our Permax CPD Presentation page for more details.


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