AITHON A90H is a high performance, water based, very low VOC, thin film intumescent coating for internal structural concrete fire protection for up to 120 mins on columns and beams and up to 240 mins on single sided slabs and walls.


Australia is seeing a surge in the restoration of heritage buildings and buildings of historical significance. These beautiful buildings look amazing, however, their meeting of code requirements, leaves a lot to be desired. More often than not, these buildings require upgrades to their fire protection performance.

The rationale is simple: usually, these buildings are made up of traditional materials such as masonry, brick and as often as note, timber. These elements require upgrades to ensure compliance to fire rating code. But it is not only the timber that requires treatment, but often the concrete itself. The fire resistance of existing concrete floor slabs, walls, beams and columns needs to be considered and the use of AITHON A90H can provide a viable solution where increased fire protection is required.

At Permax, we recognise a typical heritage restoration project can consist of a complete overhaul, an upgrade of select features or the incorporation of new construction within the existing structure. The design process needs to address both the structural compliance and aesthetics of the building. If you have questions regarding what you need to do to ensure you meet the Code, please contact us today.

Product Performance

The application of AITHON A90H to structural concrete substrates can provide up to 240 minutes fire protection by using calculations that determine the thickness of the intumescent coating to be applied to achieve the equivalent in concrete thickness (cover). Australian Standard AS3600:2018 (concrete structures standard) allows the use of a passive fire protection material on concrete in order to increase the fire performance of a member, as long as it has undergone a standard fire resistance test such as AS1530.4:2014.

The fire performance of AITHON A90H has been tested in accordance to EN 13381-3:2015 and has been assessed by Warringtonfire Australia to be in accordance with AS1530.4:2014.

The assessment provides tables indicating the quantity of AITHON A90H needed to achieve the equivalent concrete thickness to attain the required FRL (Fire Resistance Level).

A detailed, in depth temperature profile of an AITHON A90H coated concrete slab and beam can be used to determine the temperature of steel reinforcement at selected FRL’s.

Assessed in accordance to:

AS 1530.4-2014; tested according to EN 13381-3 and classified according to EN 13501-2

Product advantages

  • Very Low VOC (Max. 25 g/l Dir. 2004-42-CE)
  • Water based, halogen-free formulation
  • Smooth, hard, matt-white decorative finish with high durability
  • No top seal required even in low temperature, high humidity environments
  • Range of fire ratings up to 240 minutes
  • Reduces the environmental impact of restoration works on heritage structures
  • Ideal for sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and clean rooms (outgassing tests @ 40ᵒC: 2.6 ᶙg/g


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