AITHON PV33 is an advanced technology, water based, very low VOC, highly transparent intumescent coating for internal structural timber fire protection for up to 60 mins providing fire protection and decoration in one product.


The upgrading of the fire resistance of timber substrates in existing timber buildings that may be Heritage classified or of historical significance is a challenge, as it is important that during any restoration works the original appearance and natural beauty of the exposed timber surfaces is maintained. Using AITHON PV33, it is not only possible to upgrade the fire resistance of existing internal timber structures such as Heritage buildings, but it can also provide solutions for the fire protection of structural mass timber in new buildings.

Product Performance

AITHON PV33 is a transparent coating and when sealed with AITHON F3A, which is a waterborne non-yellowing clear coat, a subdued matt wax like sheen finish is imparted to the timber surfaces providing both fire protection and aesthetics. In new building design, the application of the AITHON PV33 and F3A system reduces the speed of carbonization in a fire event thus allowing a reduction in timber oversizing resulting in both cost savings and frame weight reductions.

Assessed in accordance to

AS 1530.4-2014 and AS 1720.4-2006 ; EN 13381-7 e EN 13501-2 ; Class A (tunnel test ASTM E84)

Product advantages

  • Low VOC (EU emissions testing documentation available on request)
  • Water based formulation
  • Transparent coating system to enhance natural timber look
  • Range of fire ratings up to 60 minutes
  • Reduces the environmental impact of restoration works on heritage structures
  • Can provide for reduction of timber oversizing in new construction design


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