Nullifire SC803 intumescent coating is a water based, very low VOC product used for internal structural steel fire protection for 60 mins and up to 90 mins on heavy steel sections.

Nullifire SC803

Nullifire pioneered water-based intumescent coating technology and Nullifire SC803 water-based intumescent basecoat offers a safe, fast and economical fire protection solution for internal steelwork. Being a thin film intumescent, it is ideally suited for ‘exposed to view’ steelwork as a high level of finish can be obtained due to the relatively low film builds required.

Product Performance

Nullifire SC803 uses advanced waterborne intumescent technology and is formulated specifically for on-site application and provides an aesthetically pleasing matt finish which can be overcoated with a variety of decorative or protective top seals. Nullifire SC803 is optimised to provide 60 minutes fire protection to ɪ section beams, columns and hollow section steel, but can also provide up to 90 minutes protection for heavier elements.

Assessed to

AS4100-1998 and in accordance to AS1530.4-2014 ; EN13381-8

Product advantages

  • Ultra-low VOC (BREEAM International Compliant)
  • Water based formulation
  • Easy to apply
  • Compatible with a wide range of primers and top seals
  • Can be applied up to 1mm in a single coat (multiple quick passes)
  • Vast majority of 60 minute loadings can be applied in a single coat
Nullifire SC803


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