Nullifire SC902 intumescent coating is based on a world patented, best in class, ‘hybrid’ technology which has been formulated to provide optimal performance for either internal or external structural steel fire protection for up to 120 mins.

Nullifire SC902

Amongst a myriad of intumescent coatings manufactured globally, ranging from solvent based, water based and epoxies, the unique ‘hybrid’ chemistry of Nullifire SC902 stands alone. The STP (Silane Terminated Polyether) technology provides unique off-site and on-site application capabilities and performance characteristics such as ultra-fast high build single coat spraying, accelerated cure time, low VOC and early weather resistance.

The Australian continent poses many challenges in regards to climatic conditions and performance coatings such as intumescents need to be robust yet versatile enough to cope with a wide range of application environment scenarios.

Traditional solvent based intumescent coatings are only suitable for off-site application due to their very high solvent content, producing high VOC levels and thus posing a high OH&S risk for on-site application.

Epoxy based intumescent coatings require specialized plural component spray equipment and are only suitable for use in off-site factory applications.

Water based intumescent coatings are not suitable for off-site application and can only be applied on-site in internal and fully protected areas of the building structure as they are susceptible to water damage.

The advanced formulation of Nullifire SC902 encompasses a number of the application benefits of 2 pack epoxy intumescent coatings including achieving high film builds in a single application process and delivering faster curing times through its patented chemical catalysation, but with a significantly simpler spray equipment requirement, as it is applied using conventional single component airless pumps.

Product Performance

Nullifire SC902 ‘fast track’ technology delivers superior productivity gains for both off-site and on-site applications compared to all other conventional intumescent coating products. In addition, the unique surface tolerant chemistry of Nullifire SC902 allows minimal surface preparation of steel for internal exposure conditions and thus provides ‘direct to metal’ coating application capabilities.

The two-component (non-isocyanate) formulation of this product is a significant contributor to the overall productivity of the system through delivery of shorter curing times. Another contributing factor is the rapid, high film build characteristics of the coating which provides reduced application times via increased surface coverage. All of these performance advantages result in faster throughput of coated steelwork in the factory application process.

The open construction phases of a project site provide many challenges, especially when spray applied coatings are involved. Inclement weather conditions can place severe restrictions on the ability to apply solvent or water based intumescent coatings as high humidity and intermittent precipitation can cause significant delays in the application process.

Nullifire SC902 intumescent basecoat delivers exceptional performance as an on-site applied coating through rapid application process, accelerated curing time and early weather resistance which ultimately results in faster handover of floors for following trades.

Tested to

BS476 and EN13381: Part 8, Certifire CF5144, also assessed to AS1530.4-2014 and AS4100

Tested for compliance to

ETAG 018-2: 2011 Environment (durability) Classifications Z2 Dry Internal, Z1/Y – Humid Internal/Semi-Exposed, Y/X – Humid Internal/Exposed External, X – Fully Exposed External


Cyclic Corrosion test to ASTM G85:2009 Annex A5 (1000 hours)

Product advantages

  • Provides up to 2hour fire rating for structural steel
  • Suitable for both internal and external environments
  • High build potential with all ratings possible in one application
  • Up to 60% faster application than conventional cellulosic intumescent coatings
  • Can be applied off-site or on-site with standard airless spray equipment
  • Self-priming system tolerant of light rusting to steel, up to 2 weeks post blasting
  • Fast cure: early weather resistance, shower proof within 1 hour
  • Achieves external durability with an approved top seal
  • Low VOC (does not exceed VOC limit as specified in the GECA guidelines)
Nullifire SC902


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