Typhoon Tap-On intumescent bolt caps provide fire protection for up to 120 mins for bolted connections in structural steel frames. The caps are simply clipped on to bolt heads and nuts.

Typhoon Tap-On Intumescent Bolt Caps

The Typhoon Tap-On intumescent bolt caps are designed to provide a simple on-site solution to the fire protection treatment of bolted connections. Where structural steel members may be intumescent coated off-site, the spraying of bolted connections on-site can be challenging from several perspectives including, suitable access, prevailing site conditions, proximity of adjacent fixtures requiring protection, aesthetic considerations and site construction program timelines. The use of Tap-On bolt caps installed on-site can eliminate these issues and provide guaranteed fire protection with outstanding aesthetic appearance and in addition, tangible site productivity gains through a rapid installation process.

Product Performance

Tap-On bolt caps are manufactured from a proprietary compound as defined by materials specification TPL MS 1500HL which imparts excellent insulating and mechanical properties. The specialised polymer compound is extremely durable, as verified by independent external exposure tests carried out in the Middle East and accelerated weathering tests demonstrating no loss of performance when subjected to severe weather conditions. The caps are precision moulded and are available in sizes M16, M20, M24 & M30 to suit AS1111.1 and AS1252.1 bolt dimension standards, with other sizes and custom designs available on request. Masking inserts are also available and are placed into bolt holes of the connection surfaces prior to intumescent coating application in off-site facilities. Tap-On bolt caps can be incorporated into specifications wherever fire protection to bolts is required.

Assessed in accordance to

AS 1530.4-2014; tested according to BS-476; Lloyds Certified UL 1709

Product advantages

  • Rapid installation reducing floor occupation times when compared to spraying connections
  • Quicker handover of floors as access equipment usage time reduced (reduced working time at height)
  • Can be installed using a single operative
  • No protection required of surrounding surfaces as is the case with sprayed connections
  • Installation can be carried out in all weather conditions
  • All fire ratings achieved with one cap
  • Very good aesthetics and can be colour coated to match parent steel work
  • Consistent finish and quality to all connections
  • Easy visual cyclic inspection for QA – bolt caps can be fitted after connection tensioning completed
  • Provides enhanced corrosion protection
Typhoon Tap-On Intumescent Bolt Caps


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