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Whether you are an architect, builder, engineer, certifier or applicator, Permax will endeavour to provide the project support needed to ensure a compliant passive fire safety system is installed on your project. Resolving structural steel fire rating issues early in the project cycle can have long term benefits when it comes to the successful delivery of a project. Thus it is always recommended that Permax are consulted as early as possible during the project lifecycle.
We have compiled a list of industry and role specific information which may assist you:

  • For Architects
  • For Builders
  • For Engineers
  • For Applicators
  • For Certifiers/Builder Surveyors


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You are about to download a file from the Permax site. Please note All technical advisory notes generated by Permax are based on research papers, indicative fire tests and any other existing evidence. These documents should not be used as an official evidence as design engineers should review the information and determine the reliability of the documents.

Permax constantly update the documentations based on the new fire testing outcomes and change of standards and regulations. To ensure the documents you read are up-to-date, please contact the Permax technical team.