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Although the required structural fire protection is documented in either the architectural or engineering documentation, the requirements are not always outlined clearly. It is important to understand how intumescent coatings behave and the components involved to ensure the fire protection is carried out accurately.

Here is how we can help you throughout the time line of your project:

Early Contractor Involvement:

  • For design and construct contracts or where early contractor involvement is sought, addressing the fire rating issues in advance can result in time and cost savings on the project
  • Ensure that all the prescribed steel section sizes can achieve their required FRL’s
  • Optimise the steel section size to save on the intumescent fire protection costs.

Tender Phase:

  • Permax can assist with providing details of approved applicators who can provide costs for structural fire protection on your project
  • During the tender phase it is important to ensure applicators have been provided with the intumescent specification so that they can include the required components.


Can any primer be applied before Nullifire SC902?

No, only approved primers may be applied prior to overcoating with Nullifire SC902. Please check the approved primers list for compatibility or alternatively contact Permax.

How can I get a price for intumescent fire protection?

There are approved applicators of the Nullifire intumescent system Australia wide who would be happy to assist with a quote. Please contact the Permax team for further information.

Can any top coat be applied over Nullifire SC902?

No, only approved top coats may be applied over Nullifire SC902 Intumescent. Please contact Permax for list of approved top seals.

Can anyone apply the product?

No, you need to be an approved applicator with proper training with the intumescent and equipment in order to apply the product. Please contact the Permax team for further information.

What does the products cost per m2?

The thickness of an intumescent coating is calculated based on the FRL, steel geometry and weight as well as what type of load it is supporting. It is therefore impossible to provide a m2 rate as it is different for every member. Please contact Permax if you require pricing for your project.

Can the intumescent be applied on galvanised steel?

For the Nullifire SC902 intumescent system. Please consult Permax for more information on how to deal with galvanised substrates.

Does the intumescent system need a primer?

Water based intumescent systems do require a primer.

The Nullifire SC902 system can adhere directly to the steel substrate, however a primer may be required due to the exposure classifications of the environment. Please contact Permax for more information.

How is the product applied?

Intumescent systems are applied using conventional airless spray equipment however small areas can usually be repaired using the Nullifire intumescent system. Please contact Permax for more information.

How many application coats does the product require?

A water-based intumescent system is applied in 600 micron coating thicknesses until the desired dry film thickness is reached.

The Nullifire SC902 hybrid intumescent system can be applied up to 6mm in one coat if required.

Who provides the certification for the fire protection?

Depending on the State in which the project is carried out the approved applicator/subcontractor applying the intumescent system would supply the certification

Can we achieve 120/120/120 in using Nullifre product?

The three numbers represent the FRL structural adequacy, integrity and insulation. Generally, intumescent paint for structural steel can only achieve the fire protection for the structural adequacy. An intumescent coated steel member could not prevent the smokes movement and temperature rise of an area. Therefore, Nullifire intumescent paint can only achieve 120/-/- (or 90/-/- & 60/-/-) for structural steel.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Permax can provide a warranty for the intumescent paint system applied on your project. A warranty must be requested prior to the start of any project and be in accordance to a Permax specification.

What is the benefit in core filling hollow section steel columns?

Core-Filling reduces the required thickness of intumescent coating by reducing the effective section factor Hp/A, which therefore can reduce the fire protection costs. The core-filling methodology is required to be approved by the project engineer.

Which intumescent product should I be using?

Nullifire products are designed to excel in different circumstances, so selecting the right one for your project requirements is essential. Please do not hesitate to contact Permax to understand which intumescent system would be right for you.

Does Nullifire SC902 have to be applied on-site or off-site?

It can be applied on-site or off-site. Nullifire SC902 is a Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) intumescent, allowing it to be applied on-site. However, because Nullifire SC902 is also a very durable intumescent system, it can be applied off-site and transported to site for erection. Once the steel is erected, all the connections must be coated in Nullifire SC902 or protected using intumescent bolt caps.


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