Why Nullifire are at the forefront of Passive Fire Rating technology

31stMarch 2021
Why Nullifire are at the forefront of Passive Fire Rating technology

At Permax, we offer more than just access to passive fire rating solutions and products. We offer products, expertise, fire engineering advice and product application. This means that we have exposure to many different product types let alone products.
What this gives us is deep insight into what the market has to offer allowing us to make determinations as the best products for the Australian market. Whilst we do not offer many of the products available elsewhere around the world, we do use and recommend a number of different Nullifire products and for good reason.
In this piece, we want to introduce you an overview to the products we do use and also briefly tell you about the heritage of Nullifire and why they are the premier intumescent paint and products solution provider.

Who is Nullifire?

Nullifire is one of the top brands in the market when it comes to fire stopping solutions and intumescent coatings. It has a 40-year history specialising in passive fire protection systems, during which it has developed several solutions that have set the standards in the industry. The company pioneered water-based technology through its Nullifire intumescent paint, which provides an exceptional fire rating, smoother finish, and reduced application time compared to other products available in the market today.
Nullifire produces a variety of other products such as base coats, foams, intumescent strips, primers, sealants, top seals, and more. These products come with fire ratings that range from 30 minutes up to 240 minutes (though, please not all of these are available in Australia). It is because of this, and their performance, that the company is a market leader with its variety of top-quality offerings, and why it’s trusted by industry specialists around the globe.


Why is Nullifire Leading in the Passive Fire Protection Industry?

The competitive edge that sets Nullifire apart from other companies in the same industry is its singular focus on passive fire protection. Its mission is two-fold — to protect people and to protect buildings — and it accomplishes this through the spirit of continuous innovation that has driven the company since its inception. This drive has propelled the company to the top of the market, making Nullifire a true global leader in the field of passive fire protection.
It led the rest of the industry in developing water-based intumescent technology for protecting steelwork both safely and economically. It also created the outstanding SC900 series, which are patented fast-curing coatings that can provide time savings of up to 60 percent in application and drying. Its products undergo rigorous in-house validation assessments before being submitted to prestigious third-party testing agencies for accreditation.
After its original certification in the United Kingdom, Nullifire solutions have also been tested and proven to comply with the highest levels of Australian and European standards in performance, providing customers with a complete system that they can rely on.
In the decades that Nullifire has led the passive fire protection industry, it has amassed an incredible amount of experience in addressing various client needs. It is a brand highly trusted  by builders constructing in the retail and commercial spaces as well as those in the industrial and public sectors. Its expertise in passive fire protection has allowed it to develop products that lessen the concerns and complexities faced by clients when dealing with evolving fire safety regulations.
With Nullifire, clients can have full confidence that their chosen products will perform as needed in the event of fire, safeguarding both lives and property. This is an assurance that Nullifire is uniquely qualified to provide due to its many years of specialisation in passive fire protection.


Nullifire Intumescent Paints Offered at Permax

Permax offers the following highly regarded Nullifire intumescent products that can capably protect structural steel in the event of a fire:


SC902 Hybrid Intumescent

This particular Nullifire paint product is a fast-curing, single application, high build system that can provide fire protection for steelwork up to 120 minutes. It’s based on patented technology and it has a smooth, matte finish once applied. It emits a low number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it more environmentally friendly than many competitive offerings. It has no long-lasting solvent odour, either, which makes it ideal for use on-site, as it has little effect on complimentary trades.. Furthermore, its fast-drying characteristic makes it the ideal choice for building projects as it can be used without causing temporary delays in construction work.
Further – and something architects and designers love – SC902 can achieve a decorative finish through the application of  a compatible top seal.

SC902 Key Benefits

  • It’s dry to the touch in one hour, even in near freezing conditions.
  • It’s shower-proof within one hour, quickly making it resistant to weather conditions.
  • It has a self-priming system that can tolerate the light rusting of steel, up to two weeks after blasting.
  • It has a high build potential for all possible fire ratings.
  • It is designed for use both on-site and off-site.
  • It meets Australian Standards AS 1530.4 and AS 4100 for a fire rating of up to 120 minutes.
  • It is incredibly hard wearing and resistant to impact damage

SC803 Intumescent Basecoat

It’s a water-based, thin film, white intumescent basecoat that’s used for the protection of internal structural steel in C1 and C2 environments. Its matte finish can be top coated with a suitable product for both added durability and aesthetic appeal. It was developed by Nullifire for optimised loadings with up to 60 minutes of fire resistance. SC803 also has an ultra-low VOC emission rate. It can be applied either with an airless spray or a brush/roller.

SC803 Key Benefits

  • It leads the market in loadings.
  • It’s compatible with multiple Nullifire top seals and primers.
  • It’s environmentally friendly with low VOC emissions.
  • It’s incredibly easy to apply.
  • It meets Australian Standards AS1530.4‑2005 and AS4100-1998.


The Leading Intumescent Paints Only at Permax

Passive fire protection is an important component of a fire safety strategy that aims to minimise damage from a fire. Using the right products can ensure that a building has enhanced protection that will lead to saving lives. Make sure that you consult with Permax on the products that can make a difference in protecting both your building and its occupants. We are ready to answer your questions with our years of experience and expertise.


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